Every story needs a heroEvery hero needs a theme.


OST- Snes Explains Everything- a playable episodic graphical narrative written, developed and animated by Matthew English.

I derive inspiration from the classical genre. These two videos showcase my more classically driven video game music. 

Check out my Unity package featuring Middle Eastern themed orchestra music.


"Michael is a great composer!  His work ranges from cinematic soundscapes with pounding drums to quiet haunting melodies.  His energetic string arrangements bring power to the songs that he creates."  

-Paul Zach, Composer

"Michael is a very talented piano player and music composer, with a top-notch classical proficiency. His music is not only produced with the highest production standards, as you can clearly understand at a first listen, but it has a deeper emotional quality which not many composers are able to convey. As a VGM composer, he also understands the craft very well, and he is able to accompany and highlight any particular situation or mood present in a game, making also any scene something special."  

-Andrea Baroni, Composer

I'd love to hear about your project. Let me know if you would be interested in collaborating with me.