Michael Anderson is an experienced composer and piano performer. His original compositions encompass works in multiple genres, including Classical, New Age, Folk, Electronic/Pop and Indie/Electronic. He received a Masters in composition from North Carolina School of the Arts and currently works as a composer in residence at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Winston-Salem and an independent audio designer for video games.

In 2015 Michael successfully completed a kickstarter campaign for his latest album, Portrait of Youth, a solo piano CD composed and performed by Michael. This album showcases his heartfelt approach to writing a story through melody, along with his remarkable aptitude for song writing. He performs these works frequently at concerts and house events. Michael is applying his electronic music skills to compose soundtracks for indie video games. His current project is SNES Explains Everythinga comic based old style video game. He has also added electronic sounds to Kurt Koble's latest CD, Go Therefore.

Michael has written two additional works during his residency at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. The Salem Psalter and the Micah Song Cycle.  Both works showcase Michael's talent for song writing, as he successfully takes passages from the old testament and integrates them into compelling musical works. 

These projects brought to light Michael's vision for supporting local musicians by getting them involved in professional-level concerts. The Salem Psalter and the Micah Song Cycle were performed by a combined ensemble of professional musicians and amateurs. 

In 2010, Michael received a grant from the Winston-Salem Regional Artist Foundation to purchase electronic equipment for future compositional endeavors. At that time, during his masters program at North Carolina School of the Arts, Michael helped compose the score to a student film entitled "Death of Eurydice" -- one of the few selected films to be premiered in Los Angeles at Sony Studios. It was then that he began to discover the versatility of his skills. 

In 2008, the National Christian Artist Foundation commissioned his solo piano album, "Let There Be Light." It is from this vantage point -- as a musician -- that Michael's passion for music took root, inspiring him to work deeply and efficiently on each of his musical endeavors. Michael Anderson is also an established piano teacher and performs frequently in the Winston-Salem community.